Purpose and objectives

About the Association
The Association of British Aviation Consultants was formally constituted in 1972 with the main object of advancing the status of the professional aviation consultant.

In 1990 the name of the Association was changed to the British Association of Aviation Consultants (BAAC) and the requirement for the members to be of British Nationality was deleted.

In 1991 the Association was incorporated in England under the Companies Act 1985 and 1989.

All candidates for membership must be able to comply with standards of qualification satisfactory to the Council of the Association. These criteria include extensive experience in the candidate’s declared discipline(s), a minimum period of practice and evidence of personal and direct responsibilities for commitments undertaken on behalf of Clients. All Members of the Association must also agree to abide by a Code of Conduct.

Full Membership of the Association is open to individuals, whether registered in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, whose operations are concerned with aviation or space and which meet the appropriate membership requirements. The designation MBAC indicates that a Consultant is a registered Member of the Association.

Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Association are to:
• promote the status and professional interests of Aviation Consultants
• define the qualifications of an Aviation Consultant and to define the minimum standards required of persons seeking membership of the Association
• further the professional interests of Members of the Association
• encourage and promote applications for membership of the Association from suitable persons in all disciplines of aviation consultancy
• confer with other representative bodies on matters of presentation of collective views, opinions or other matters of common interest to Members of the Association
• provide a forum whereby Members may associate together in social and professional co-operation for mutual advantage.