Requirements for Admission to the British Association of Aviation Consultants

Qualifications for Admission


A person is eligible for Membership of the Association if:

  • He or she is in practice as a Consultant offering a public service on aviation matters with a personal and direct responsibility for commitments undertaken on behalf of Clients. An employee is not acceptable unless he or she has a direct responsibility to satisfy the client;
  • they undertake to adhere to the Code of Conduct laid down by the Council;
  • they have academic qualifications acceptable to the Council AND not less than 5 years experience in aviation matters, plus at least 1 year in independent practice as an Aviation Consultant;
    • OR 10 years’ experience in aviation matters of a nature acceptable to the Council, plus at least 1 year in independent practice as an Aviation Consultant;
    • OR such other qualification and experience as the Council may deem equivalent;

Associate Members

The Council may admit to Associate Membership persons who comply with all the requirements for Membership, other than the qualifying period of time in independent practice as an Aviation Consultant.

An Associate Member will be transferred to “Member” on completion of the qualifying period in practice.

Entitlement to use Membership Designation Membership Designation

The following abbreviations may be used to signify Membership of the Association:

  • Member MBAC
  • Associate Member AMBAC
  • Members may also style use the descriptor “Registered Aviation Consultant


The current annual subscription rates are:

Non-refundable Joining Fee: £35.00
Member: £165.00 annually
Associate Member: £75.00 annually
Non-Practising: £50.00 annually

Applications for Admission

The Proposer should be a person of good standing and high repute in the aerospace field. Ideally, the Proposer should be a Member of the Association, but this is not an absolute requirement. Proposers should vouch for the validity of those parts of the Applicant’s statements in the application form with which they are familiar, and two or more Referees should also cover those periods of the Applicant’s career with which they are familiar.

The Application Form indicating present position and responsibilities should clearly indicate the areas of consultancy actually being undertaken and the date on which aviation consultancy commenced. This should be initialled by the Proposer or Referee who has knowledge of such activity.

The professional record must indicate the areas of work and responsibilities undertaken in addition to the appropriate job titles. In each case the Proposer or Referee(s) should initial their knowledge of, and agreement with, the applicant’s statements at the end of each entry.

Strict adherence to the above will assist the Membership Committee in processing the candidate’s application.

The Membership Committee may wish to contact the Referees and, at the discretion of the Committee, may require further Referees.