James M K BLACK BA(Oxon) Dip Bus Man FIPM MBAC

Address:  Avia Special Ltd, 2 Brookside, Ellenbrook Lane, Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Telephone: 01707 262774



Fax: 01707 251405

Website:  http://aviaspecial@btinternet.com


Management Consultancy:
Business Strategy and Organisational Change.
Human Resources Consultancy:
Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Management Training.
Organisation Development and Communications.
Marketing Consultancy:
Identification of customer and client systems.
Development and implementation of marketing plans.
Promotions, Airsports and Entertainment:
Consultancy and management in international aviation events, displays, aerial advertising, sales promotions.

Specific Activities

Promotion of analytical and creative problem solving for business strategies;
Team leadership and motivation in project environments and general management;
Development of effective communication at all levels for multi-cultural organisations;
Developing Human Resources strategies and Personnel policies for aviation companies;
Market studies and surveys, analysis of opportunities and development of marketing strategies and proposals;
Creation and management of aviation events of all kinds; specialist in aerial entertainment;
Advice on development of aerial advertising, sales and product promotions;
Preparation of opportunities for brand development and sponsorships through creative aerial activities;
Advice and representation on flying display regulations, Europe wide, through JAA Working Group;
Access to an international airwork of air sports contacts through Federation Aeronautique International and Europe Airsports;
Adviser to Europe Airsports, the Royal Aero Club of the UK, the Air Display Association and the Historic Aircraft Association.


Communications Manager for worldwide company/product awareness campaign, BP Oil International.
Chief Executive, BP Hong Kong: distribution and marketing for products (including aviation fuels) HK and China.
Manager Training, Manpower Planning and Recruitment, BP International: worldwide consultancy on a commercial basis.
Personnel/Training for BP Oil UK/Shell-Mex and BP: personnel and training service across 6 regions.
Manager for Retail Marketing, Sales Promotion and Advertising and marketing planning Shell-Mex and BP.
President, International Aerobatics Commission of the FAI.