Dick Richardson BSc Ceng FIMechE, MBAC

Address: Luxopus Ltd, 5 Long Wall, Haddenham, Bucks, HP17 8DL

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Commercial aspects of helicopter operations including power-by-the-hour. Total costs of operations and means to reduce. Helicopter maintenance. Business development in helicopter industry and options to enter market. Sales and purchase advice. Export licences for the export of goods. Import arrangements.

Specific Activities

Assessing cost to operate a helicopter for 5 years in police aviation, air ambulance or business.
Matching budget to type and age for potential acquisition.
New versus pre-owned and leasing options.
Consideration of power-by-the-hour.
Assessment of optimum maintenance organisation and cost of maintenance.
Producing Invitations to Tender for helicopter support services. Receiving and judging same to make objective recommendation.
Preparing commercial, general aspects, and technical responses for Tenders.
Certification under EASA or FAA or CAA regulations.
Assessment of new products for helicopter industry.
Project management.
Risk management.
Contract advice.
Advice on start up companies.
Sourcing of rotable parts.
Arranging export and import of aviation related goods.


After gaining degree in aeronautical engineering had very varied career in RAF working with both fixed wing and rotary wing and a pilot of the latter. Introduced several aircraft to service as well as some more academic appointments including teaching aircraft structures at post-graduate level.

Joined McAlpine Helicopters in 1989 as Technical Director and developed the modification capability to the point where most of today’s UK police helicopters were completed by my team.

Was also responsible for initiating power-by-the-hour for on-shore helicopters, and developed maintenance department to a pre-eminent position in UK.

After forming Luxopus in 2012 advised several public bodies on optimisation of costs of operating helicopters, and also large international company on entering avionic marketplace by exploiting existing military skills. Very familiar with Airworthiness Authority Approvals processes.