Captain Nameer Kaysi MSc, B. Sc. Aviation and Military Science, BA Business Studies, MRAeS

Address: Rulez Aviation Ltd, Ellerd House, Amenbury Lane, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2EJ

Telephone: +44 (0)207 018 5148


Mobile: +31 (6) 2324 7274, +44 (0)7766 228951




Consultancy services within the aviation industry including military, civil and private sectors. Services include marketing, analysis, acquisition, recruitment and training and many more.

Specific Activities

Consultancy and advice on:
various aspects of the aviation industry including military and civilian (consultancy in military aviation)
setting up aviation companies (maintenance, training and operations)
students/cadets selection and training methods
leasing and/or purchase of airplanes in terms of environment, energy and finance
choice of types of weapons for use onboard aircraft
selection of specific jet fighters for particular air forces depending on the country’s own military plans
the Middle East aviation market
pilot training and identification and elimination of weaknesses in training
various methods of marketing for airlines.
Project setup and establishment of new sites to attract students from outside the European Union
aircraft selection.
evaluations of MTO companies
strengths and weaknesses of selected airline routes and advice on feasibility of continuing some routes despite a lack of profitability
troubleshooting advice and recommendations for aviation companies
comparisons between airlines and providing an economic feasibility report on the business and its worthiness.


Twenty years military pilot/jet fighter pilot reaching squadron leader in rank.
Five years Air Force College Pilot Instructor for basic and advance training
Ten years airline pilot/VIP
Consultant AIS Flight Academy
Operations manager
Client service manager
ATPL twin and single engine
Search and Rescue Certificate