Azlan MORAD – Dip.Arch.(Cantab.) / CPL/IR(CAA, UK), MBAC

Address: CrissCross International, Heinrichstrasse 9, 64625 Bensheim-Auerbach, Germany

Telephone: +49 (6251) 938 913


Mobile: +49 (179) 520 2243

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Airport Master Planning and PPP Due Diligences

Specific Activities

Airport planning & Ops Due Diligence:
Asset Quality & Performance Appraisals
Ops Policy & Strategy
CAPEX & OPEX Calibration
Capacity Analyses
Commercial & Contractual Integration
Change Management


Azlan Morad is an airport master planner and PPP proponent, and acts as advisor to major airport stakeholders worldwide.

He spearheads technical due diligences and ops strategies; and helps integrate change within the airport complexion to align with investor-lender prerogatives. Sustainability and SDG’s are adherent core advocacies.

Azlan has been an independent consultant since 2003, and operates via CrissCross International (, a boutique consultancy based in Germany.