Arthur L WEBB BSc(Aero Eng) C Eng MRAeS MBAC

Address: Steppingley, New Road, Chilworth, Guildford, GU4 8LZ

Telephone: 01483 38407






Advice on the use of Composite materials.
Component design.
Stress Analysis.
Repair Schemes.
Feasibility Studies.

Specific Activities

The following amplifies the services offered as numbered above:

Assistance with the selection of material, design of lay-up, selection of processing technique, selection of inspection requirements and quality levels, design and selection of manufacturing plant and equipment.
Design of components and sub-assemblies for structures and systems.
Load estimation and detail stressing including finite element analysis of structures and systems.
Design of repairs particularly for composites components.
Investigation and review of structural modifications and new component designs particularly in composites materials.


Stress engineer and Principal Stress Engineer with; Hawker Siddeley Aviation (AWA and Hawker), Lockheed Aircraft, British Aircraft Corpn.
Member JAC Working Party on Lug Design.
Experience in modification, wing design, structural testing, mechanical systems design.
Section leader, Group leader, Manager, Project Manager with; British Aerospace, ML Aviation, Marconi Space Systems, GTO Limited.
Experience introducing composites materials into new applications in aircraft structures, weapons systems, Spacecraft and racing cars.
Formed Maragate Limited in 1989 to practice as consultant in composites materials and structures.