Address: Warwickshire, United Kingdom






Global records capture and processing service
Technical records audits and aircraft physical inspections
Document conversion services from microfilm or legacy formats

Specific Activities

Technical Records and Audit situations:
Mid-term or end of lease technical records inspections and assistance
Mid-term or end of lease aircraft physical condition inspections
Records analysis, sorting, categorization and inventory services
Records recovery from distressed leases and early terminations
Physical condition to Lease Agreement comparisons
Engine Records analysis and LLP Traceability

Global Records Capture and Processing Service
The Scanning service provides timely, high standard and consistent scanning of aircraft records ensuring high quality results. Any preparation of documentation takes place prior to scanning and after scanning documents are re-assembled to their original condition.

OCR and Indexing of scanned documents is undertaken to the level of detail that the Customer requires.
Scanned records are returned to the customer on the media of their choice, and remain easily accessible using the intuitive Stream-interface.
Scanned documents can be provided to the customer as single-page or multi-page indexed image files.


Employed by Waviatech Ltd as a Technical Consultant / Project Manager, I conduct consultancy projects / contracts on a constant basis for clients. These clients include Leasing companies, MROs and operators.
I practice as a Consultant offering a public service on Aviation matters with a personal and direct responsibility for commitments undertaken on behalf of Clients and have direct responsibility to satisfy the client.
Airworthiness and safety have been my primary aims in previous roles, with budgetary control and maintenance costs following close behind, with a first class track record of controlling engineering/maintenance standards and costs within the airline environment.

Furthermore I have extensive experience both as an Aircraft Engineer and Technical Consultant and maintain my Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licenses in the U.K.

Additionally having worked in positions as a Technical Engineer, Airworthiness Engineer, Fleet Manager and Maintenance Engineer allows me to look at projects from a variety of perspectives. Current and historic remits incorporate working on aircraft returns and I have experience of auditing work packs and associated lease documentation and data. My background
has also equipped me with ability in areas such as representation of operators in transition periods to ensure aircraft records are compiled, composed into required formats and assessed for credibility and can be substantiated, as well as conducting aircraft physical appraisals.
In closing, I have a broad understanding of the technical and commercial requirements and regulations of operating and maintaining aircraft, and experience in the Technical Consultancy / Support, Project Management and Quality Assurance roles.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition. Technology used to identify characters in a digitised document