A Word from our Chairman

Thank you for your interest in the British Association of Aviation Consultants. The Association is a group of like-minded professionals in the field of aviation here to support you with their individual expertise. We are not a corporation that supplies or contracts out aviation services, but a body of professional consultants with a wealth of experience that stretches across the aviation industry.

Please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry for a consultant via the website or contact one of our members directly.

“Aptus ad Serviendum” – Qualified to Serve

Originally the Association was formed to represent the views and further the interests of its Members. The BAAC motto translates as “Qualified to Serve” and all applicants for membership must satisfy this professional body that they have the experience and qualifications to enable them to act as Registered Aviation Consultants before they can be admitted to the association. So, if you are looking to join us, please check the qualifications for admission and if you think you fit the bill, complete the form on the same page. We are always looking for new Members and, as aviation seems to be an ageing industry, we need some younger consultants to join us as a matter of some urgency!

If you are looking for the assistance of a BAAC consultant, you can either search by specialisation or, if you have a specific name in mind, you can look in the alphabetical list of Members. The BAAC Secretary can be contacted using the Contact Form. Your request will be circulated to Members and anyone qualified to assist will contact you if they are available to help. The BAAC does not recommend individual Members, but it will put you in touch so that you can deal with any contact on an individual basis.

All Members are expected to work to the BAAC Code of Conduct so you can be assured of a professional service from an experienced and responsible expert.
I hope you find what you were looking for and that we have been able to help.

Andy Belshaw