Why Join the BAAC?

1. Membership confers the prestige of associating with consultants who have direct access to the House of Lords and aviation Regulatory Bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration.

2. Promote yourself to the Aviation industry Worldwide via this website.

3. Individual Members of the BAAC may claim the credibility of their adhering to a strict Code of Conduct.

Welcome to the British Association of Aviation Consultants (BAAC)

The British Association of Aviation Consultants (BAAC) gives you access to the best of aviation consultancy skills provided by professional aviation consultants. The BAAC ensures its member consultants are ‘Qualified to Serve’, the Association’s motto, as they:

  • have their qualifications and experience verified before they can be elected to membership;
  • agree to be bound by professional standards and a code of conduct.

Their professionalism, qualifications and experience are assured, therefore, when delivering the services you need.

BAAC member consultants can help your aviation business or resolve your aviation issue as they cover virtually every field of aviation: law and regulation, regulatory oversight, airline and aircraft operator, airport, air navigation services, aircraft maintenance and repair. Within those areas there is a wide range of skills from, inter alia, business planning, demand forecasting, financial modelling, operations, safety and security, aircraft technical services and certification.

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